Visiting Moscow — Don’t Miss these Sites

Moscow is the capital city of Russia and a wonderful tourist destination. It is the favorite tourist spots of not only foreigners but Russians too. If you get a chance to flock to Moscow, don’t forget to see what makes the city pulse.

The capital city of Russia is a fast paced city with efficient subway system. It resides over 11 million people offering them luxurious but fast life. Moscow for the tourist can seem beautiful and overwhelming. The city’s so large and for a writer it is hard to describe the best things in the city. There are many hotels in Moscow to house you, so staying will not be a big problem. So in order to get a taste of Moscow and visit these places…

The Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin is a must-see for visitors. Once you enter the place you can visit Cathedral Square, the historic cathedrals were worshiped by the tsars. You can also view Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon. These are two immobile monuments showing magnificence past of Russia. Also don’t miss to visit Amory Museum, which holds precious ruins of Imperial importance, the one like gold-gilt carriages & silver-threaded royal garments.

Visiting Moscow - Don't Miss these Sites

Red Square

The famous red square is outside the Kremlin. Here you can watch the changing of the guard at eternal flame. You can also visit Lenin’s tomb. If you are lucky enough, you will find St. Basil’s Cathedral open; it is beautiful from both inside and outside. And if possible visit red square in the evening to get its magical view. For a comfortable visit to Red square book hotels in Moscow that is near to the red square.

Visiting Moscow - Don't Miss these Sites

Tretyakov Gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery is for all those who love art. It has the best collection of Russian art. The likenesses of Catherine will confront you in its galleries. You will able to hear the commentary from 19th centuries. You will also find the famous art of Russian artist including Repin, Vrubel, Kandinsky and many more.

Visiting Moscow - Don't Miss these Sites

Izmaylovo Market

This is the main memento market of Moscow where you can find Russian things in large. Folk crafts, jewelry, and antiques everything will tempt you in variety of way. You can easily reach Izmaylovo market as it is directly connected to the metro. So don’t waste time; catch the market now.

Visiting Moscow - Don't Miss these Sites

Old Arbat Street

It is Moscow’s most famous thoroughfare and tourist oriented. You will be able to find some usual souvenirs here. You’ll find more than one artist, musician and juggler vying your attention, depending upon the time of the day.

Visiting Moscow - Don't Miss these Sites

Victory Park

Victory Park memorializes the Great Patriotic War of Russia. It is also known as World War II. This war killed lots of Russian. Victory Park is the home for the monuments, sculptures, fountains depicting World War II.

Visiting Moscow - Don't Miss these Sites

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