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Many travelers assume that holiday ideas list is unlimited. In true, we all from time to time think this way, but after you begin travelling very soon you understand that the list of places you wish to attend vanishes too quickly. No one wishes to spend vacation in the same place, so we begin our search for new places. Russia is the best choice to cover that need. For years Russia was closed for visitors, but after the separation of Soviet Union Russia gladly welcomes visitors. The country has developing economics and is steadily integrating into global society. There are many tours to Russia, so you can choose from plenty of solutions. You could visit Moscow and then buy tickets to St Petersburg. You are free to fly to virgin clean Siberia or Kamchatka. Visitors who adore rivers will fall in love with Moscow — St Petersburg river cruises. And how about a longer river cruisefrom Moscow to the Black Sea. Exclusively in Russia you will be able to find so many tour choices. One of splendid strong points of Russian travel is variety of choices. If you’d like to get in touch with nightlife or have some shopping, then Moscow and St Petersburg tours are your choice. Visitors who require crystal water, fresh air and virgin nature may prefer Siberia. Russia is known as a big country, so just here you will discover such wonderful things as picking up nuts, mushrooms or berries, try some fishing or hunting. Most curious travelers may be happy to try a real adventure — travel all Russia! As only this way you are able to visit many areas and get in touch with local people, you will understand Russia much better. Even if you plan to go deep to the country, it’d be great to make a one-two day tour at one of capitals in Russia. Moscow travel is the best chance to look at today’s Russia. Best bars and restaurants, trading centers and nightclubs can be found here. St Petersburg travel is excellent for visitors who adore sightseeing as the city itself is like an architectural treasure with countless museums and castles. The whole country doesn’t fit anything you have seen earlier, so Travel to Russia is worth your attention. Don’t hesitate buy Russia tour as you will be without a doubt glad and pleased.

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