Travel to Russia pros and cons

In spite of popularity of spending holidays in other countries open spaces of Russia have an equal number of fans. This is not surprising because Russia occupies several climatic zones at once, so almost anyone can find a suitable place for holidays. Of course this kind tourism has its advantages and some disadvantages. Let’s start with the positive aspects. For those who are going to spend a vacation with children resorts of Russia may be the best option. Of course, do not forget about the cultural moment of your holidays in Russia. You will be able to know the history and cultural features of that part of Russia where you’re going to spend your leisure time. Moreover, activities in Russia are not less diverse than in other countries. Say, the resorts of the Azov and Black seas provide tourists a beach holiday.

Travel to Russia pros and consThe presence of numerous navigable rivers offers a wide choice of cruises. Places such as the Altai are an ideal option for fans of mountain recreation. For those who prefer active outdoor activities and even extreme it is worth to pay attention to the Kamchatka Peninsula. There is everything: geysers, mountains and volcanoes, and mountain rivers — a paradise for lovers of exotic.

Travel to Russia pros and consThe disadvantages of tourism in Russia include related costs. Holidays in Russia can not be called cheap. For example, a trip to Sochi will cost a sum, which would be enough for vacation in Egypt. In addition, the most popular resorts and recreational places in Russia are becoming a favorite area for swindlers and pickpockets. There where tourists are still unusual, you’ll probably have to adapt to certain conditions of living. This may be an unsophisticated hotel and leased private housing. But if the goal of your vacation is rafting on mountain rivers or hike into the taiga you are unlikely will be scared by it. The ratio of pros and cons is obviously in favor of holidays in Russia.

Travel to Russia pros and cons

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