Budget Hotels in Moscow

Not everyone who visits Moscow has the funds or inclination to stay in the more luxurious five-star hotels in Moscow for the duration of their visit. For some, the simple types of hotels in Moscow are more than enough actually for their simpler needs. Fortunately for these budget-conscious travelers, budget hotels in Moscow do exist and can supply the simple and inexpensive accommodations they are looking for.

Budget Hotels in Moscow

One of these budget hotels in Moscow you might want to inquire with is the Izmailovo Alfa Hotel located right beside Izmailovskiy Park. The Park is a historical landmark, being the former home of Peter the Great when he was a child, while the Izmailovo Alfa Hotel was constructed due to the 1980 Olympic Games. It is highly likely you will be able to get budget accommodations at this hotel because it has 945 rooms reserved for its use within the much-larger Izmailovo Hotel Complex. (Incidentally, the Complex has 7,500 rooms distributed over its five-block location. Some of the Izmailovo Alfa Hotel’s services are located within this Complex area.) If you fancy a bit of shopping during the weekend, you can always visit the Izmailovskiy Souvenir Market within the Izmailovskiy Park as well.

If all you are after from budget hotels in Moscow is a clean and comfortable room priced reasonably enough for your budget, then you might want to check out another of the budget hotels in Moscow named Izmailovo Gamma-Delta Hotel. This hotel sits right within the Izmailovo village and Royal Estate that was home to Peter the Great for some years. You will find this huge hotel to be very convenient to stay in and find because it sits right across the street from the Izmailovsky Park Metro Station and is beside Izmailovsky Park. If you get lost, just ask around for the biggest park in Moscow (which happens to be Izmailovsky Park) and you will probably find your way back to your place of lodging here. If you have children staying with you, the proximity of Izmailovsky Park should be opportune because the Park has many attractions designed for children.

If you’re tired of staying in big hotels in Moscow (even the budget ones) then you may want to take a change of pace and stay in Hotel Korobovo instead. This small yet comfortable place is located at Malinovaya Street in Korobovo, of the Leninskiy Area of Moscow – you can easily reach it after a 10-minute car ride from the Domodedovo international airport. The hotel may be small by the usual standards hotels in Moscow might be judged, but it does offer quite a lot of amenities for a hotel its size. For instance, you can avail of a room with a balcony and electronic card-keys, centralized air conditioning, high speed Internet access, a Moscow phone line (at no charge), use of a TV, and a shower here. You can pay for your stay with either Russian roubles, or credit cards Visa or Mastercard.

Budget Hotels in Moscow

And that brings us to the final aspect of staying in any budget hotels in Moscow – be sure you inquire how you can pay for your stay. You might ask if you can pay for your stay in advance, or if you have to pay asecurity deposit too. It is also wise to ask how you can exchange your foreign currency for Russian roubles so that you have the right currency in your pocket for emergencies or simply for going out to buy simple things like candy and a newspaper. When in Russia, we do as the Russians do, right?

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