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Make your tour to Russia more exotic 0

Travel to Russia pros and cons

In spite of popularity of spending holidays in other countries open spaces of Russia have an equal number of fans. This is not surprising because Russia occupies several climatic zones at once, so almost anyone can find a suitable place for holidays. Of course this kind tourism has its advantages and some disadvantages. Let’s start with the positive aspects. For those...

Visiting Moscow - Don't Miss these Sites 0

Visiting Moscow — Don’t Miss these Sites

Moscow is the capital city of Russia and a wonderful tourist destination. It is the favorite tourist spots of not only foreigners but Russians too. If you get a chance to flock to Moscow, don’t forget to see what makes the city pulse. The capital city of Russia is a fast paced city with efficient subway system. It resides over...

Tours to Kamchatka 0

Tours to Kamchatka — Russian extreme

Welcome lovers of natural exotic and almost cosmic beauty! On Earth, there are still places where the air is ringing on the purity and the scenery is more than impressive graphics in the movie «Star Wars». This is not Africa, not even at the North Pole. It is much more near and dear place, it’s all there in Russia —...

Hotel Metropol 0

Hotel Metropol – an Example of Historical Moscow Hotels

You won’t find many hotels around the world nowadays that were built at the start of the 20th century but fortunately Hotel Metropol of Moscow, Russia still stands after being constructed in 1907. The style of the architecture of the Hotel Metropol is Art Nouveau and its design was the result of collaboration between three architects named Vladimir Shukhov, Lev...

Make your tour to Russia more exotic 0

Make your tour to Russia more exotic

Russia is considered as one of the adventurous and unique places in world. With an easy reach o this country, the country is open for everyone, this country has so much to offer to the visitors whether you are interested in historical trip or you want to enjoy an adventurous trip. All can be possible in this beautiful country. This country has...